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1875  Establishment of a New Catholic Syrian Church in Thrissur as the Marth-Mariyam Valiyapalli erected in 1814 was occupied by the Non-Catholics. 
1885  Establishment of Our Lady of Lourdes Church (for Latins) 
1887  Erection of the Vicariate Apostolic of Thrissur (May 20) with Msgr. Adolphus Medlycott as the First Vicar Apostolic. 
1891  Elevation of the Lourdes Church as the Cathedral of the Vicariate of Thrissur in Exchange for the Latin 
1896  Elevation of Mar John Menachery (Cathedral Vicar) to the status of Vicar Apostolic. 
1923  Elevation of Thrissur as a Diocese with Mar Francis Vazhappilly as the First Bishop.
1934 Blessing of the Chapel near the Main Gate. 
1952  Blessing of the Chapel in the Crypt (75’ * 50). 
1957  Blessing of the Present Cathedral by Mar George Alappatt (200’ * 50’, Ht of Dom; 135’; Dia 60’; Spire 50’ ;). 
1970  Episcopal Consecration of Mar Joseph Kundukulam, Bishop of Thrissur. 
1986  Coronation of the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes at the solemn conclusion of the Centenary celebrations of the Diocese and of its Cathedral by Pope John Paul 2 during his Apostolic Visit to Thrissur (February 7). 
1995  Elevation of Thrissur as a Metropolitan See and Lourdes Church as the Metropolitan Cathedral. 
1996  Blessing of the Centenary Hall. 
1997  Installation of Mar Jacob Thoomkuzhy, Metropolitan Archbishop of Thrissur. 
1998  Blessing of the Cemetery Chapel. 
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