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Our Lady of Lourdes Metropolitan Cathedral is situated in the heart of Thrissur town in the state of Kerala, South India. The exterior of this church features an Indo-European facade with pink spires. The Centenary of this church was celebrated during the historic visit of Pope John Paul II to Thrissur in 1986. The well decorated underground chapel of the Cathedral is a major attraction. The Cathedral church attracts thousands of pilgrims every month.

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It gives me immense joy to know that Lourdes Metropolitan Cathedral creates a website in order to widen the horizon of relationships even outside the territory of Trichur. This realized dream, I am sure is the outcome of tremendous toil, dedication, commitment and enthusiasm of the priests and the parishioners. May this new venture not only disseminate the liturgical events and happenings to every nook and corner of the world, but also continue to serve as a web among the parishioners to know, love and care for each other like the early Christian community. My hearty congratulations to all those who worked hard to make this dream come true!

With my prayerful wishes and blessings,
Yours in Lord Jesus

Mar Andrews Thazhath
Metropolitan Archbishop of Thrissur Archdiocese

Cathedral Directory - 2008 (web edition) is available in the official website of Lourdes Metropolitan Cathedral.

So please click on the following links to  download the Acrobat version of the Cathedral Directory - 2008.

Zone 1 Nasrath
St Thomas
St Mathews
St Johns
St Peters
St Antony
Zone 2 Seheon
St Xavier
Fathima Matha
St Andrews
St Vincent
Good Shepherd
Zone 3 Bethleham
St Joseph
St John mariyaviyani
Holy Spirit
St Paul's Assisi
Zone 4 Emavoos
St Mary's
St Christopher
Little Flower
Mary Matha
St George
Zone 5 Thabor
St Luke
St Sebastian
Holy Cross
St Ann's
Zone 6 Jordhan
Christ King
St Martha
St Jude
Sacred Heart
St Agnas
Zone 7 Jerusalem
Holy Family
Infant Jesus
St Raphael
Mother Theresa
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